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Our success stories

Token develop is creating the most imaginative projects with high-security features. We are the best in creating a blockchain based projects like crypto exchange, wallet development, STO, ICO and cryptocurrency trading app. Apart from this, we offers white label master/ visa card and financial license for all kind of fintech companies.

Here are some success stories to helps to understand better about our expert’s talent.

STO(Security Token Offering)

We can raise your funds by more than 1 million in 24 hours. With our STO you can easily reach your goal in the cryptocurrency marketplace.

Crypto exchange

We developed more than 100 projects which are perfectly suited for our client’s requirement. In crypto exchange, every project is differ from the other one. Our developers prove their knowledge in each project.


BISTOX is one of the best crypto exchange platform with a hybrid protocol, which is created by token develop. In this project, we embed high security and extraordinary UI.


TreeBlock is a blockchain based project, which is made by Token develop. The objective of the project is to create a time sharding tree architecture.


VOLENTIX is the best decentralized digital asset exchange platform. This is embedded with multi-currency cross blockchain peer to peer wallet.

This is some example of our developed projects. We are the specialist to create a custom based software development. We have a capability to convert your imaginary idea into reality.

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